Business mediation, arbitration, binding advice, decision process guidance

ReulingSchutte focuses exclusively on business mediations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as arbitration, binding advice and decision process guidance.

The mediators and arbitrators of ReulingSchutte use their backgrounds in the legal profession and the judiciary in understanding parties’ professional and commercial interests and offer high-level resolution-oriented guidance.

With their knowledge of conflict dynamics our mediators also keep a keen eye on communication, and they are sensitive to the personal aspects that play a role in business disputes.

We meet the demand for “wise men and women” who respect parties’ autonomy while providing clear and professional guidance based on our substantive expertise. We focus on professionalism, independence and knowledge of the areas in question.

We have vast experience with dispute resolution in business enterprises, professional service firms, the healthcare and cultural sectors and the public and semi-public sectors.

Focus areas

Focus areas

Professional mediation/intermediation

Parties jointly solve their business conflict based on their mutual interests through the intermediation of an independent professional.

Decision process counseling

Guidance in complex decision-making processes by an independent professional.


A form of conflict resolution with a third party acting as an arbitrator pursuant to statutory arbitration provisions and issuing a decision that is binding on the parties.

Binding advice

A form of conflict resolution with the parties jointly requesting a third party to act as a binding advisor and issuing a binding decision on a particular point of dispute.

Independent chairmanship

Leading a meeting or another gathering at which the participants must reach decisions.

Boardroom counseling

Offering strategic advice, with an emphasis on creating a shared approach to decisions and avoiding escalation.

Confidential investigation

An investigation, performed at the behest and with the consent of the parties, into the essence of a conflict and providing advice on the approach to achieving a solution.


Our substantive expertise puts us in a position to provide clear guidance to parties while respecting their autonomy. Our legal backgrounds and broad range of experience enable us to tackle complex cases and to ensure that agreements are reached.

We assist parties in analysing how a conflict arose, as well as identifying its core and which interests play a role. Together with the parties we also work out various scenarios towards a resolution, guide negotiations, use our skills for eliminating impasses and make tangible progress, as well as guide parties – in cooperation with their advisors – towards reaching specific agreements.

Professionalism, independence and knowledge of the areas in question is our focus.