Corporate Social Responsibility

The people working with ReulingSchutte find it important to contribute outside their own field of expertise and living environment. That is why we want to support initiatives that appeal and touch us.

In 2020 ReulingSchutte has financially supported the development of a platform for young women who are confronted with a cancer diagnosis. This platform, with the name House of Ichō, is an initiative of Paula Boshouwers, an expert by experience. House of Ichō’s objective is to provide for information, online training and group support. House of Ichō also develops tools to support the target group both physically and psychologically/spiritually in order to facilitate dealing with their illness and to find a new balance in their lives. House of Ichō intends to create a platform community of women who have in common their will to live a good live despite their illness and to find power and wisdom within themselves. This is based on the idea that a diagnosis of cancer not only knows misery, but has another side as well, namely that of potential for personal growth and transformation.

Much to the sorrow of many Paula was unable to complete her initiative. She passed away from breast cancer on January 6, 2021. In her short live Paula has inspired many others with her wisdom. Despite her illness she enjoyed live and was a happy person. Paula also was a born mediator and she has greatly contributed to the development of our profession and our firm. Her accurate and empathetic observations, her authenticity, her laugh and big heart. We will miss her very much.

It has not yet been decided what will be the future of House of Ichō, It would be great if others would be inspired to take House of Ichō further. Please let us know in case you would be interested to do so, we will be pleased to bring you in contact with Paula’s family.