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Interview Saskia Reuling and Eva Schutte


Zendelingen van mediation

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Advocatie Magazine april 2022

|| ReulingSchutte 10 Years ||

Business mediation, decision process guidance, confidential investigations, arbitration and binding advice

ReulingSchutte focuses exclusively on business mediations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as decision process guidance, arbitration and binding advice. ReulingSchutte also regularly conducts confidential investigations.

The mediators and arbitrators of ReulingSchutte use their backgrounds in the legal profession and the judiciary in understanding parties’ professional and commercial interests and offer high-level resolution-oriented guidance.

With their knowledge of conflict dynamics our mediators also keep a keen eye on communication, and they are sensitive to the personal aspects that play a role in business disputes.

We meet the demand for “wise men and women” who respect parties’ autonomy while providing clear and professional guidance based on our substantive expertise. We focus on professionalism, independence and knowledge of the areas in question.

We work with clients from various backgrounds and conflicts in a variety of branches.

Our services

Professional mediation/intermediation

Parties jointly solve their business conflict based on their mutual interests through the intermediation of an independent professional.

Decision process counseling

Guidance in complex decision-making processes by an independent professional.


A form of conflict resolution with a third party acting as an arbitrator pursuant to statutory arbitration provisions and issuing a decision that is binding on the parties.

Binding advice

A form of conflict resolution with the parties jointly requesting a third party to act as a binding advisor and issuing a binding decision on a particular point of dispute.

Confidential investigation

Our expertise is also in the conducting of factual investigations into alleged violations of norms for conduct (e.g. sexual intimidation) and inventory research (e.g. into a company culture). We regularly conduct independent investigations in case of whistleblower reports.

Boardroom counseling

Offering strategic advice, with an emphasis on creating a shared approach to decisions and avoiding escalation.

Confidential investigation

An investigation, performed at the behest and with the consent of the parties, into the essence of a conflict and providing advice on the approach to achieving a solution.

What is business mediation?

We are convinced that almost all conflicts can be solved.

Cooperation and entrepreneurship inevitably involve friction, hassle and conflict. Usually, the parties are well able to solve the problems among themselves. If solutions are not reached and the conflict causes stagnation, energy loss or stalemate, mediation is a perfect tool to restart movement in a stalled situation.

Parties have an interest in having their problem solved (‘the upper current’). In practice, negative emotions, assumptions, distrust and old pain tend to be obstacles on the road to finding a common solution (‘the under current’). That is the case, when the parties are more occupied by fighting and obstructing eachother than by resolving their common problem and/or to bridging the gap that separates them by negotiation.

In mediation we assist in reducing the under current and boosting the upper current, such that space is created and parties can reach a solution. And within that space we assist mediation participants in their negotiations. Business mediation is in fact is a form of guided negotiation.

Basic elements of mediation are: voluntariness, commitment, trust and the guidance of the independant mediator.

What is our approach?

Based upon our expertise and experience, our approach is clearly to provide direction where that is called for and less so where that will be more effective. That approach is paired with respect for the autonomy of the participants and good feeling for what in fact goes on. The focus is on the business side of the conflict with attention for the personal side.

The mediation starts off with separate confidential intake meetings with all participants. During those meetings we get to know what issues are involved and we provide information concerning the nature, possibilities and rules of the mediation process. We also discuss who is to participate in the mediation and how and where the mediation will take place. That usually will be at the ReulingSchutte offices in Amsterdam. Our spacious offices are set up for business meetings. However, the mediation can also take place in any other neutral environment. Occasionally, meetings take place online, by way of video conferencing. All participants should feel comfortable in the setting chosen.

The first joint session starts with the signing of the mediation agreement, which also provides for a commitment to the confidentiality of the mediation. Next we analyse with the participants, what issues are at the core of the conflict and what interests are at stake. Then we list the various options for reaching a solution, we guide the negotiations, during which we know how to break impasses and achieve progress and we guide the parties and, if involved, their advisors, to the reaching of substantive agreements. If agreements are reached, we see to it that they are properly recorded.

The ReulingSchutte mediators have all been trained as business mediators and have ample experience. They have differing areas of interest, which you will find listed in their profiles. As the case may be (e.g. if the need for specific expertise arises and our designated mediators are not available on short notice), we work with a selected group of external mediators we know and trust.