Anneleen Broekhuijsen

Mediator, arbitrator, binding advisor

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Anneleen Broekhuijsen-Molenaar works at ReulingSchutte as a mediator, arbitrator and binding advisor. Her previous positions included Associate Professor at the law faculty of Leiden University and Member of the Executive Board/Dean of the Meijers Research Institute. She wrote a dissertation, published in the broad field of civil law and gave legal training to students, judges and lawyers for many years.

In 1997, Anneleen Broekhuijsen-Molenaar moved to the Amsterdam District Court where—in 2002— she was appointed as a judge of the Court of Appeal, handling mainly commercial cases. Since 2009, she has been Vice-President/Senior Judge of the Court of Appeal and from 2011 to 2019 she was a member of its Enterprise Chamber, which deals with corporate litigation. Subsequently, she coordinated a team handling construction and real estate proceedings.

As a judge, Anneleen Broekhuijsen-Molenaar has gained extensive dispute resolution experience, not just through adjudicating disputes at law, but also through her involvement in consulting on, negotiating and arranging amicable settlements. She uses this experience as a mediator, arbitrator and binding advisor.

She focuses on business mediations, particularly in commercial disputes and corporate law disputes within legal entities and partnerships. In addition, Anneleen is available for cases relating to real estate and commercial disputes in a broad sense.

Anneleen Broekhuijsen-Molenaar is also available in the role of independent chairperson and to guide Moot Court proceedings.

In addition to her work at ReulingSchutte, Anneleen is a Deputy Judge at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal and Vice-Chair of the Complaints Committees at the LUMC, Eye and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She has also been contributing author of Tekst & Commentaar Burgerlijk Wetboek [Text and Commentary on the Dutch Civil Code] for many years.