Eva Schutte

MfN Registered Mediator

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Eva Schutte completed her law studies in 1984. She practised law from 1992 as a partner of Van Doorne within its litigation and insurance practice (process- en verzekeringspraktijk). She served for many years as Deputy State Advocate (plv. Rijksadvocaat), served as a deputy-district judge and was a member of the lawyers’ Disciplinary Tribunal (Hof van Discipline) until 2016.

She focuses completely on business mediation, process counselling, and guidance of negotiations in commercial disputes. She specialises in mediating conflicts within all types of business relationships (including between shareholders and supervisory and management boards and within partnerships), commercial disputes, and conflicts in liability and insurance cases. She has much experience in multi-party and group mediation. Her clients can be found in every area of business, the healthcare and cultural sectors, government institutions, the non-profit sector and education. She is affiliated with the Amsterdam District Court as a court-appointed mediator.

Eva also investigates trust issues within teams or organisations and advises on the measures to be taken.

Eva Schutte has gained extensive administrative experience by serving, for instance, in the Dutch Bar Association and a variety of mediation associations, including by acting as chair of the Association for Commercial Mediation (ZAM) and by being a board member at the Dutch Association for Mediators in the Insurance Industry (NVMV). She was also a Supervisory Board member in the education sector and editor of the magazine Dutch Mediation (Tijdschrift Nederlandse Mediation). Eva Schutte is a member of the Appeals Tribunal for the Mediators Disciplinary Foundation (College van Beroep van de Stichting Tuchtrechtspraak Mediators).

She has written several books on mediation and regularly publishes mediation-related articles (see Publications for an overview). She also lectures on mediation.

She is one of the founders of ReulingSchutte.