Hester Uhlenbroek

MfN Registered Mediator

T+31 (0) 20 820 34 00
M+31 (0) 6 215 186 75
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Hester Uhlenbroek was associated with Boekel as an attorney and as a managing partner and earned a very good reputation in various fields of law, including labour law, civil-service law and healthcare law. Hester holds various supervisory positions. She served as a member of the Regional Disciplinary Tribunals for Healthcare in Amsterdam and The Hague (Regionaal Tuchtcollege voor de Gezondheidszorg) and as a deputy-district judge in the District Court of Utrecht.

Hester Uhlenbroek is an experienced MfN Registered Mediator. She focuses on disputes between cooperating professionals and on conflict situations in collaborative relationships in a broad sense, both within and between organisations (corporate professionals, employers and employees, directors and works councils and supervisory and management boards). Hester has experience in resolving conflicts in both the public and semi-public sectors and also in international business. She has published various articles on the Dutch Senior Officials in the Public and Semi-Public Sector (Standards for Remuneration) Act (WNT). Hester also serves as an arbitrator and binding advisor.

She acts as a facilitator in complex change processes. Hester also investigates strained situations within partnerships/collaborations and advises on the measures to be taken in order to reach sustainable solutions.

Hester Uhlenbroek publishes regularly (see the Publications section at https://www.reulingschutte.nl/en/publicaties/ for an overview).