Paula Boshouwers

Internal advisor | MfN Registered Mediator

T+31 (0) 20 820 34 00
M+31 (0) 6 215 364 69
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Paula Boshouwers studied law in Amsterdam and in Copenhagen. She started her career as an attorney at law at a major law firm in Amsterdam. After having worked as an attorney for ten years, she joined ReulingSchutte as a mediator, focusing on business mediations, process counselling and confidential investigations.

Paula’s expertise is connecting the business side and the personal side of the matter at hand. Her approach is analytical, structured and intuitive at the same time. She quickly determines what’s going on under the surface and gets to the essence of the matter with few words. She makes the invisible concrete, always keeping an eye on the emotions that play a role. Paula finds it important to be engaged, candid and constructive. Basic principles for her works are people taking their own responsibility and trusting their own (inner) wisdom. She strives to jointly unlock these, in order to arrive at solutions that are supported by all participants to the mediation.

At this moment Paula is associated with our office as (internal) advisor, to support and further develop our mediators and their work. For the time being she is not available for external assignments.

Besides her involvement in ReulingSchutte, Paula is setting up an online platform for young women, diagnosed with cancer (, based on her own experiences. ReulingSchutte financially supports Paula in this initiative.