Saskia Reuling

MfN Registered Mediator

T+31 (0) 20 820 34 01
M+31 (0) 6 511 925 60
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Saskia Reuling studied law at the University of Amsterdam and the New York University School of Law. As a lawyer, practice group leader, and partner at DLA Piper, Saskia worked in a wide variety of legal fields.

Since 2008, Saskia Reuling has focused entirely on business mediations, guiding negotiations and process counselling in commercial disputes. She is an MfN Registered Mediator and in this capacity affiliated with the Amsterdam District Court.

As a mediator, Saskia’s primary focus areas are business and commercial conflicts and all types of business relationships in a broad sense (such as partnerships, healthcare cooperatives, professional service providers), joint ventures, franchise, shareholder disputes, corporate acquisitions, commercial contracts, disputes in the area of employee participation (works councils, unions), as well as disputes within management board and between management and supervisory boards. Saskia is much experienced in multi-party and group mediations.

Saskia Reuling’s expertise covers a broad field and includes construction and real estate, the healthcare and culture sectors, the media industry, the public and semi-public sectors (municipalities and other government institutions), education, insolvency, intellectual property, IT, franchise law and many other fields.

Saskia also investigates trust issues within teams or organisations and advises on the measures to be taken.

Saskia has extensive directorial and managerial experience. She sits or has sat on the Supervisory Board of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital, ARTIS Zoo and the Rembrandt House Museum and is a board member of the String Quartet Biennial Amsterdam (SQBA). She is also the independent chair of the Review Committee of the Dutch Federation of Mediators (MfN) and co-founder as well as board member of the Association for Commercial Mediation (ZAM).

She is one of the founders of ReulingSchutte.