Janneke Pennings


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Janneke Pennings studied law at the University of Groningen. For many years, she worked as a lawyer at a large firm in Amsterdam. Subsequently, she worked as a lawyer and legal counsel at a large international company for a long time with specialisations lying in employment and civil service law.

Currently, Janneke is a MfN registered mediator entirely committed to business mediation with a main focus on employment conflicts.

She works in various branches and has a broad and depth experience in the area of ICT and media, the world of professional services, the public sector and the health and welfare sector.

On top of that, Janneke is manager editor of the Magazine Dutch Mediation (Tijdschrift Nederlandse Mediation, Kluwer), member of the Association for Business Mediation (BPM) and the Association of Employment Mediators. She works as a volunteer for Versa Welzijn, where she mediates in conflicts between neighbours, and is a member of a charity organization for which she does fundraising (and runs marathons once in a while).